Allied Health Services Support

Sale & district specialist school

Allied Health Services Support

The allied health team at Sale & District Specialist School uses an integrated approach working with teaching staff and families to develop goals and present therapy activity/programs.

Allied Health Team

Students who require the services of a physiotherapist access support through their NDIS package. The physiotherapist is encouraged to liaise with the school team to ensure a holistic approach to meeting student’s needs.

Speech Pathologist

  • Communication (speech voice, stuttering, articulation), language (receptive and expressive), reading, writing, signs, electronic communication devices, symbols and gestures)
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication including voice output devices, visual communication aids, PECS, Key Word Signing
  • Assessment, diagnosis, management/ treatment of communication and swallowing difficulties
  • Swallowing (video fluoroscopy, safe swallowing strategies, food texture and fluid modification, saliva control)
  • Play and social skill development
  • Cognitive skills (providing strategies for memory, problem solving, learning)
  • Behaviour management (social stories, behaviour scripts)
  • Medical and funding reports (PSD, SWEP)
  • Liaising with parents, allied health professionals, teachers, other agencies (DHHS) and doctors (including workshops/ training)


  • Mobility (movement). Walking – speed, endurance, use/progression of aids. Mobility equipment – wheelchair use student/staff, bike and scooter assessment/advice. Transfers – stairs, getting up from floor, on/off equipment, use of lifting devices
  • Positioning. Use of standing frame and tilt table. Position options on floor – supine, prone, side lying. Position options for optimum seating/stretching
  • Exercise programs. Muscle length and strength. Joint range of motion. Chest health. Body awareness and balance. Hydrotherapy. Relaxation
  • Risk assessment, manual handling (OH&S)
  • Medical and funding reports
  • Liaising with parents, allied health, and doctors