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School Wide Positive Behaviour

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Student Wide Positive Behaviour

What is it?
School Wide Positive Behaviour Support is a whole school framework for promoting and explicitly teaching appropriate and positive behaviours.

Teaching, modelling and reinforcing positive social behaviour is an important part of a student’s educational experience.

It is a proactive approach and focuses on teaching all students agreed expected behaviours and pro-social skills rather than just reacting to inappropriate behaviour.

In addition, a small number of students will require highly individualised and intensive interventions. These interventions are:

  • planned by a transdisciplinary team
  • function based
  • student centred
  • utilise strengths and interests
  • aim to teach the student skills
  • continuously evaluated and enhanced
  • linked to the School Wide positive Behaviour Support approach.

Key components of SWPBS

  • An agreed upon common approach.
  • A matrix  of positively stated expectations.
  • Explicit teaching of expectations.
  • Regular and frequent opportunities to practise expected behaviours.
  • Incentives/rewards for meeting behavioural expectations.
  • Consistency of language.

Acknowledging students for positive behaviour that demonstrates our school values through:

  • classroom reward systems: working towards specific activities
  • school-wide reward systems: shop tickets, certificates/awards at whole school assemblies.
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